Equipment & Design

Equipment & Design

Custom Pelleting Services is your custom pellet manufacturing company. We specialize in both small and large contract runs and offer a wide range of services.

Service Details

  • Process Flow Engineering & Concept CAD Files
    We help you determine your equipment requirements and answer engineering questions. We provide estimates on equipment needed via our 25 + vendors. You can use the CAD file as a visual aid for board members and potential investors.
  • Detailed CAD File
    The detailed CAD file includes specific dimensions and individual CAD blocks for each piece of equipment. We use this file to send to our fabrication vendors for creating transitions, storage bins, conveyors, cat walks etc.
  • Equipment Sales
    We sell high quality American and Canadian made equipment in carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel (food grade 304 or 316). Equipment typically takes 6-12 weeks to manufacture depending on what it is.
  • Project Management Services & Equipment Insallation
    We offer a team of highly trained pellet line installers who will assemble the pellet line on-site at your facility. If this is not required we do also offer a project manager to come and oversee your team assembling the pellet line.
  • On-Site Start-Up & Troubleshooting Services
    We offer your employees with hands on training sessions on site during line commissioning. This training will help your team determine maintenance schedules, standard operating procedures and help you get past the initial learning curve of manufacturing a new product.
  • Consulting Subscription Packages
    We offer a tiered program for after-sales technical support and site visits. The program is an annual subscription and keeps your company operating with current industry best practices and continued optimization of your equipment and facility.

Why Us?

  • Customizable in-house toll processing
  • Strategic industry partnerships
  • Established global supply chain
  • Flexible production capacity
  • Standardized customer experience

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