Testing & Consulting

Testing & Consulting

Have an idea for a pelleted product but do not know if it can be pelleted?  Do you want to know if distributors will be interested in your new pelleted product and need samples to show them?  We offer pilot testing for companies looking to answer these questions.


Pilot Testing

Pilot testing provides you with an economical option for finishing your R & D.  It gives you samples of the finished product before you have to purchase a single piece of equipment. We charge a $300 per hour fee for pilot testing on our equipment with a five hour minimum per test.

We typically process 200-300 lbs of material in one test run.  Most samples are made within the initial four hours.


Production Scale Toll Processing

After pilot testing is completed, we offer small or large scale contract pelleting. We can process orders as small as 1 ton or as large as hundreds of tons per month.

Toll Processing Services

  • Contract Pelleting
    We offer small and large scale contract pelleting. We can process orders as small as 1 ton or as large of hundreds of tons per month.
  • Mixing
    We have several types of blending capabilities for both powders and liquids including a ribbon blender, auger blender and a drum mixer.
  • Particle Reduction
    We use two different types of hammer mills and offer various screen sizes to achieve desired particle consistency.
  • Packaging
    We can accurately weigh and bag your product from as little as a few ounces up to one ton super sacks.
  • Logistics
    We offer sourcing of raw materials, packaging and transportation to our facility and the final destination.

Pellet Consulting

Are you interested in forming your own pelleting business?  We have the connections, the expertise and the resources to help you succeed.
  • Process/Product Consultation
    Do you need help with sourcing raw materials, packaging, printing or handling shipping? We have a great network in place for pelleted product manufacturing and would be happy to get you connected with the right people to see your product get off of the ground.
  • Facility/Equipment Recommendations
    Are you unsure of which equipment to purchase for your pelleting line? Let us help you through our network of manufacturers to locate the right equipment for the best price. We partner with American made equipment manufacturers to ensure the best quality and equipment servicing possible. Our experts will be able to help you determine what type of building and equipment you will need for your projected sales and product.
  • Pellet Line Installation
    Do you need help installing the equipment you want to purchase? Let our experts work with you to create a pellet line that will be effective for the product you want to manufacture. We will even send a crew out to oversee the equipment installation and train you on how to use it effectively.

Why Us?

  • Customizable in-house toll processing
  • Strategic industry partnerships
  • Established global supply chain
  • Flexible production capacity
  • Standardized customer experience

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