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Custom Pelleting Services

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Partner with CPS, your qualified guide in the pelleting manufacturing space.

We believe that people with great ideas shouldn’t be left frustrated and in the dark on best practices and quality equipment. Let us help you in building a top tier manufacturing company!

You deserve more than a cheap processing system and a slick sales pitch. Let our experience in manufacturing help you create a process system that is first class and become a partner throughout the process.

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Have a pelleting problem, or don’t know where to start?

We have formulized, customized, manufactured, and designed many pelleting systems and products. We have a network of industry contacts, know the obstacles before you and will be your partner throughout the process.

Custom Pelleting Services

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We are your partners. Design, implement, install and monetize.

You have innovative ideas that the world needs to experience. We can guide you into the best practices and process solutions to help you make your product line a reality.

Case Study

Customer Problem
Our Solution

Client needed to develop a smoker pellet using local hardwood feedstock.

CPS SOLUTION: CPS designed, installed and commissioned a barbeque smoker pellet plant that utilizes green wood chips as the feedstock.

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