Need Initial Or Ongoing Expertise In The Pellet Industry?

Use our industry connections, expertise & resources to succeed.

We offer a tiered program for initial and after-sales technical support and site visits. The program can be a one off or function as an annual subscription. It keeps your company operating with current industry best practices and continued optimization of your equipment and facility. Give your company the edge by having access to our continued support. Ask us about our consulting packages!

Process & Product Review & Consultation

Do you need help with sourcing equipment? Are you struggling to determine which raw material pelletizes best for your product application? Let our experts work with you to determine an appropriate business plan for how to be successful at making a pelleted product.

Facility & Equipment Recommendations

Are you unsure of which equipment to purchase for your pelleting line? Let us help you through our network of manufacturers to locate the right equipment for the best price. We partner with American made equipment manufacturers to ensure the best quality and equipment servicing possible. Our experts will be able to help you determine what type of building and equipment you will need for your projected sales and product.

Pellet Line Installation & Support Plan Defined

Do you need help installing the equipment you want to purchase? Let our experts work with you to create a pellet line that will be effective for the product you want to manufacture. We will even send a crew out to oversee the equipment installation and train you on how to use it effectively.

Case Study

Customer Problem
Our Solution

Client wanted to improve production rates on a high protein animal feed pellet.

CPS SOLUTION: Performed an onsite consultation over the course of 3 working days, we were able to increase production capacity by 50 percent.

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