Install & Field Training

CPS on-site start-up and troubleshooting services.

When your equipment is on site and properly installed, the final step is to start everything up and begin processing raw materials. This can be the most frustrating and the most rewarding aspect of the entire project. We have found that it is very valuable for our clients to have a pelleting specialist come out for a site visit and make sure everyone who is going to be running the line is properly trained on operations and maintenance and that the equipment is calibrated appropriately.

We typically need to have a pelleting specialist on site for two full days to make sure that everything is running properly, and all the parameters are determined and recorded before we turn everything over to the newly trained operators.

We, of course, are just a phone call away if you have any other issues or questions down the road. Once we’ve determined the right equipment for your operation and when all the equipment is on site at your facility, we do not leave you hanging. We offer two options for continued support services.

Install Option 1

We offer a team of highly trained pellet line installers who will build the pellet line out completely on-site at your facility. This is the most seamless option, and we charge hourly for the crew with a budgetary estimate up front.

Install Option 2

We offer a construction manager to lead a team of installers that you provide. This construction manager will be VERY knowledgeable on the equipment and will be able to instruct your team on what, where and how to build the line. This is a great option for companies that already have construction assets in house.

We offer ongoing after-sales technical support as needed. We have a consulting agreement for these services.