Do You Feel in the Dark?

We sure did. Let us help guide you through the manufacturing process, increasing your efficiency.

We have worked with both small farm operations and global corporations. No matter what your size, you will find your experience with Custom Pelleting Services to be courteous and professional.

Custom Pelleting Services

Where We Started

CPS, originally known as Global Harvest Pelleting, started in the fertilizer space, and quickly realized that there wasn’t a clear guide as to best manufacture our pellets. Through years of difficult ‘lessons learned’ we have found ourselves in the position to help others, and that is our true calling.

Custom Pelleting Services

Where We Are

We partner with small and large pelleting operations by improving their processing systems and maximizing their efficiency.

Why Partner With
Custom Pelleting Solutions?

Strategic Partnerships

Through strategic industry partnerships...

Standardized Process

Our clients enjoy a standardized customer experience with well-made plans of action.

Decades of Experience

Our team has knowledge in all aspects of the pelleting industry.

Making A Difference

As part of CPS’s desire to be a contributor in solutions that make our world a better place, CPS aims to invest ten percent of profits into humanitarian/development projects. One area we are endeavoring to do this in is in southern Africa. Our goal is to provide training opportunities and medical supplies to health clinics in impoverished regions which have limited access to modern health care. One of our team members is a master’s degree prepared medical-surgical nurse educator/PhD candidate that is helping us in the areas of networking, training exercises and medical supply logistics.

Case Study

Customer Problem
Our Solution

Client needed to create a kitty litter from waste biomass material

CPS SOLUTION: CPS worked with the client to formulate the kitty litter product and manufactured marketing samples.

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